Training young kids and teens

What does it take to train young talent. We put this question to coaches and parents alike and here is what they have to say:

Kids love training as part of a group. If they have peers, they love competing against them. There is nothing like the rush of competing against a well balanced team mate. Or the bond that gets built between team mates over training sessions. Whether it time, a hard run training session or the motivation required to finish your assigned work out, nothing works like a peer helping you sprint to a finish in your last 100 meters.


The most important thing a coach needs to do is to ensure that he or she places a child in the right fitness bucket. If you finish last in every training heat, heart break may drive you away. If you finish first, you get too comfortable. The job of a coach is to ensure that you are challenged yet at the same time get opportunities to shine and build your self confidence.



You can’t push them recherche cialis generique. They have to be hungry. They need to want it. Its equal part love and attention, equal part guidance and mentoring.


Young athletes are constantly looking for positive feedback and reinforcement. While during a training session they may want to stop or give up, the real takeaway is the will to finish the work out for the day at a pace that allows your body to take your personal limits wrt speed and endurance to the next level