About Us

Sindh Track and Field Club is a private athletic club devoted to training young athletes in urban as well as rural Sindh. Like all other sports track and field creates an opportunity for young minds to apply themselves, bond with fellow team mates and discover and breach their personal limitations. The sport requires an intense disciplined regime of training spread over 10 months in a year, side by a side with a season that starts in September and generally ends in May of every year.

Sindh Track and Field Club was founded by three coaches, two years ago and today boasts over 50 plus athletes. The original inspiration was a recognition of talent that exist in our cities but does not grow and is not recognized because of missing direction and guidance.  All three coaches have worked with young Athletes in their prior duties as school coaches and mentors.


The team at Sindh Track and Field creates customized training program for young athletes based on their fitness level and designated events. Young adults get classified for sprinting, middle distance, long distance or field events based on the potential and commitment they show.  Over the last two years has produced and trained a number of remarkable athletes including a number of individuals who have represented their cities and their club at the junior national championships.


Our three professional coaches are Ms. Roma Altaf, Coach Ahmed Wali and Coach Abdullah Chandio.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Sindh Track and Field event or team, discuss CSR activities or even enroll your children into our customized training programs, drop us a note at sindhtrackandfield@gmail.com.

Or walk into our evening training session on the right hand side of the track at NCC in the evening starting Monday to Saturday 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. Just follow the 8, 9 and 10 years old who appear to be emulating Usain Bolt, Krani James and David Rudisha.